Óskaflögg | strength


stærð: 10 x 15cm, string is x cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: pappír

Garland with wishing flags Strength show images of a Chinese dragon (protective force), a dancing Shiva (Hindu god, creative force) and a triskelion (symbol of intransigence) and the sayings ‘Whoever knows his destination will find the way’ (Lao Tze) and ‘Where the fear of the tiger reigns, it is always night’ (Indian saying).

The garlands with flags draw their inspiration from the flags in the mountain passes of Tibet and Nepal, there they flutter in the wind to spread prosperity. Each garland has five flags in a certain theme, they are made of handmade paper in Nepal, a fair trade product. The set comes with envelop and black greeting card.



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