Shaker for making whipped cream

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stærð jar: ø9 x 16cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: glass, BPA and PFOA-free of silicone, the wrapping is made of recycled paper

Make a delicious homemade whipped cream in less than 1 minute! Al you need is your arms to shake it up!

How to use
Pour the liquid cream into the shaker according to the sizes indicated on the jar and sweeten to your taste. Add the 3 creazy beads to stir the cream, shake vigorously for less than a minute and that’s it! You get a delicious whipped cream and you don’t even need electricity! Keep the cream in the jar in your fridge.

The Creazy balls made from BPA and PFOA free silicone, they are reusable for life and have a dodecahedron shape that allows the cream to take off in record time.



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