stærð: 30 x 35cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: 100% lífrænni bómull

Cheesecloth made from organic cotton to make your own:
– vegetable milk from nuts and / or seeds
– rain yogurt for whey and curd
– germinate seeds (broccoli, peas, millet, coriander, lentils, leek, quinoa, …)
– filter sauce and/or stock
– squeezing fruits to make jam

From now on you can easily make your own vegetable nut milk, oat milk or curd with this reusable nut milk bag. The fine weave makes straining your plant milk super easy, leaving you with smooth and pulp-free milk. The bag is also very suitable for growing sprouts such as alfalfa, bean sprouts. But also to strain the broth through. Just a handy multi-purpose tool.



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