Gleraugu MF Bowie | transparent +2.5


lens width: 46mm and height: 40mm
frame width: 141mm
nose bridge: 15mm
leg length: 140mm
fáanlegir litir: clear
efni: –

Choose the Croon that fits you!
The Croon brand delivers high-quality ready-to-wear glasses in various models and colours. These trendy reading and multi-focus glasses are available in different strengths: +1, +1,5, +2, +2,5 and 3.

* With multifocus reading glasses, the reading area is at the bottom of the glasses. There is no prescription in the middle of the glasses. The strength increases evenly when you look down. You can keep the glasses on to see well from far away and up close. All our multi-focus models are also equipped with a Blue filter. This filter neutralizes the blue light. The glasses protect your eyes against the blue light of screens.



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