Boxpúði, leður | 1920


stærð: Ø33,5cm, lengd 90cm
fáanlegir litir: dökk brún
efni: leður og ryðfrítt stál (fasteners and chains)

John Woodbridge vintage styled leather punching bag inspired by a 1920s model. Handmade using traditional methods and crafted from carefully selected leather, it will add a hint of old-school elegance to your gym!

This retro-styled punch bag is handcrafted by John Woodbridge using traditional leathercraft techniques, carefully selected quality leather, and is equipped with stainless steel fasteners and chains. Delivered empty, it can be filled with cloth or old clothes.

The punching bag is a classic training aid to the practice of boxing used for hundreds of years, already by pugilists under ancient Greece. The punching bag is used to develop a good technique to hit well in combat. And hitting the bag well does not mean hitting powerfully, but punishing, slamming his blows: “Do not push the bag, hit it! “, As boxing coaches constantly repeat. The bag also allows you to work the footwork, stretching and balance by turning around as if he were an opponent. If the punching bag often punctuates a boxing training session, it is also an excellent practice outside the noble art, a very good way to release tension with fists or feet for any sportsman.

The John Woodbridge & Sons Makers punching bag is adapted for the boxing and martial arts practicing. The brown patina of its leather gives a unique vintage style, ideal also for a retro sports decoration. These leather punching bags are used at La Montgolfière boxing gym in Paris.

Leather lace opening/closing.



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