Bók Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon cycles


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höfundur: Kirsty Gallagher

The Top 10 Sunday Times bestseller

Um bókina Are there certain days when you feel overly emotional for no apparent reason? Do you have days when you feel exhausted, close to burn out and like you want to hide away from the world?

Lunar Living could be just the answer that you are looking for. Working with the constantly changing phases of the moon helps you to understand yourself like never before, to realign everything in your own life, to understand when you need to rest and self-care and when you need to shine and make things happen. Living back in tune with this natural flow and taking care of you and your needs, even if that’s just twice a month will make the biggest difference to how you feel, act and react the rest of the month.

Lunar Living will help you to:
– Feel empowered to make big life decisions
– Understand yourself better
– Tune into your natural cycles
– Improve your sleep, mental health and relationships
– Live a happier, more intentional life

A beautiful hardback, complete with a blue foil finish, this is the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon and the effects it has on us. Lunar Living helps us to work with the moons phases to understand the ever-changing landscape of our emotions and the inner world of our purpose, goals and dreams and tune into this deeper wisdom to make profound shifts in our lives. If you’ve ever felt stuck, meaningless, overly emotional for no apparent reason or want to come back into alignment with a natural cycle to help you to move forwards in life and achieve your dreams and goals this is the book for you.

‘Your book is absolutely amazing, Kirsty. You’re one of the best 10 guests of all time.’ – Chris Evans, The Chris Evans Show on Virgin Radio

‘One to watch. It’s the perfect toolkit for understanding the moon.’ – Cosmopolitan

‘Could the moon change your life? How it holds the key to your health, happiness and even your wealth. Meet the expert who can prove it.’ – You Magazine

‘In her new book … Gallagher expands on the idea of using moon days for self-care, by exploring how by combining moon cycles with astrology, you can use the year’s moon days to focus on specific issues in your life.’ – The Independent

‘Absolutely fascinating. This is going to be worth giving to your kids.’ – Chris Evans

‘This book has changed my life. I can’t explain how much it’s changed my perspective on work and views on my current lifestyle.’ – Steph Elswood.

Hard cover.


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