Vín Campo Sughera – Adéo Bolgheri Rosso, rauðvín


Winery/ Framleiðandi: Campo alla Sughera
Land: Ítalía
Region/ Hérað: Campo alla Sughera, Bolgheri. (Tuscany)
Árgangur: 2019
Grape/ Þrúga: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


Tasting Notes/ Bragðflokkur
Look: Bright ruby red.
Nose: The nose is intense, straightforward, of excellent complexity with herbaceous notes, black fruits and black cherry.
Palate: In the mouth it opens to sensations of plum and ripe fruit, spices and light toasting nuances given by the passage in wood. A wine with an important body, rightly alcoholic, soft and mineral, with balanced tannins and a licoricey finish

Passar með
It goes perfectly with red meats cooked rare, grilled or roasted. It excels with pasta all’amatriciana, beef or game ragout, important risottos. It pairs well with medium-aged cheeses.

Serving temperature/ Framreiðsluhitastig
Best að bera ca.18°C


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