Kökuform Fattoria white – per pieces


stærð gler: ø10 x 6,4cm – 22cl
fáanlegir litir á kerti: hvítur
efni: fine stoneware

A variety of cooking pieces for lovers of a traditional Italian’s kitchen look to a more contemporary approach without losing its inherent country charm.

Fattoria is taking ceramics back to its roots when it was mainly used for making utensils for storing and preparing food in the kitchen. The old cookware shapes have taken on slightly new forms and fresh new glazes. The resulting stoneware with a nice mix of glazed and unglazed surface, is gorgeous to look at. Use it to bake and store dry goods, set the table, and much more. Fattoria is more than just a simple utilitarian range of ceramics, it is a way of life & cooking.

The range is manufactured in high quality stoneware, suitable for intensive use. It is being fired at high temperatures of 1180°C. The durability of the glazed surface and the low porosity of the material give the products a very good resistance to thermal and mechanical shocks, and equally results in optimal hygienic properties. Casafina fine stoneware is dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave safe.



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