Green Soap Þvottaefni refill | peach & jasmine


stærð: 1000ml
fáanlegir ilmtegundir: vanilla & cotton, patchouli & cranberry, peach & jasmine

Marcel’s Green Soap palm oil-free detergent Peach & Jasmine is vegan, made from natural ingredients and leaves your clothes and bed linen smelling wonderful. One refill pack is good for about 23 washes, for coloured laundry.
The handy refill standalone bag has a re-closable spout, save 85% plastic compared to a bottle.

Green Soap er:
– good for 23 washes
– palm oil-free
– microplastic-free formula
– at least 95% biodegradable
– 100% vegan
– bottle & cap made of 100% recycled plastic
– unique fragrance that lingers long after washing and drying



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