Green Soap Alhliða sprey eldhús | orange & jasmine


stærð: 500ml
fáanlegir ilmtegundir: lavender & rosemary, sandalwood & cardamom, basil & vetiver, orange & jasmin, patchouli & cranberry

Marcel’s Green Soap kitchen cleaner spray orange & jasmine has been specially developed to remove caked-on fat and let your countertops, kitchen cabinets and hob shine like never before. Like all Marcel’s Green Soap products, our Kitchen Cleaner Spray contains no dyes, parabens, phosphates, chlorine or ammonia. In fact, this sustainable kitchen cleaner is packed with natural ingredients and is biodegradable. That feels a lot better, right? We call it Feel Good Cleaning.

Bottle empty?
You can easily refill the all-purpose cleaner spray with this concentrated all-purpose cleaner, available in 750ml bottle.
How to Use: Pour 125ml of the all-purpose cleaner into the spray bottle and fill the bottle further with tap water. And then… shake & spray! With one large bottle of all-purpose cleaner, you can refill the spray bottle 6 times. This saves a lot of plastic and reduces the number of bottles we have to transport. Win-win!

Green Soap er:
– palm oil-free
– microplastic-free formula
– at least 97% biodegradable
– 100% vegan
– bottle made of 100% recycled plastic
– suitable for use in septic tanks



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