Glas Vínflaska endurrunnin amber – set4


stærð jar: ø7,5 x 11cm, 330 ml
fáanlegir litir: amber
efni: gler

Set of 4 beautiful recycled glasses made from wine bottles, in a gift box.

These tumblers, made from wine bottles, are the icon for the transition to a circular economy. By uP-cycling empty wine bottles, Rebottled makes cool drinking glasses and emphasise what products can still do for us instead of writing them off. We do this together with our trainees in the Rebottled Factory, where we offer people with a distance to the labor market the opportunity to get the best out of themselves.
The glasses are perfect to use for water, soft drinks or cocktails.

Each bottle is of course unique. This means that delivered products, in color and shape, may differ slightly from the above product photo. All drinking glasses are dishwasher safe. The glasses are unsuitable for hot drinks. Includes 4-pack gift box.



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