Bolli FCK | cement arm 3

kr 4.490

Bolli sement - FCK by Frédérick Gautier - Serax | mixmix reykjavik

Bolli FCK | cement arm 3

kr 4.490

stærð: ø 7cm, hæð 9cm, 19cl
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: sement
designer: Frédérick Gautier

About Frédérick Gautier After being an artistic director for over 20 years, handling the launch of various cultural projects, Frédérick Gautier embarked on studies at the École du Paysage in Versailles, where he became acquainted with modelling and ceramics. His pronounced taste for brutalism led him to work more specifically in concrete pottery. Since launching, his FCK signature has adorned all of his creations working with this material. Passionate about growing food, he is also developing research about tools used to feed oneself with. With his enthusiasm for events, Frédérick Gautier also performs in a variety of spaces (“Royal Splash” – Grand Canal de Versailles, “OP BETON Tx100” – Louise Catherine, Le Corbusier barge)

About FCK Some of the items from his FCK – OP BETON T X 100 project have been added to the collection of Serax. Four teapots inspired by a brutalist style pay homage to Le Corbusier, while twelve cups and side plates have been developed in parallel based on this same architectural inspiration in concrete. All of these pieces are enamelled on the inside to make this collection food-grade.

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ø16 cm, ø22 cm


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Bolli sement - FCK by Frédérick Gautier - Serax | mixmix reykjavik

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