Vaskur | stoned fossil wood


stærð: around 50 x 30cm, and H15cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: steinn, stoned wood

This natural sink is made of petrified wood, stoned wood, the outside of the sink is rough, the inside is polished.

You simply cannot get more natural than a stone sink made of petrified wood, truly a work of art by Mother Nature.
Although it’s called petrified wood, it actually was at one point in time natural wood, and it is now stone. Over thousands of years the process of fossilisation has replaced all the organic materials in the wood with minerals, keeping the structure of the wood but effectively turning it into stone. These petrified fossil wood sinks will for sure add special character and charm to your bathroom. 

Handcrafted work of art will have a unique finish and may not look exactly as shown. Actual color may vary slightly from piece to piece.
If your project requires more than one sink please note that it will not be possible to find two sinks that will match exactly.



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