Sápustykki frá Werf | sturtusápa honey


þyngd; 100 gr.
fáanlegir litir og ilmtegundir: calendula, shea butter, cocoa butter, avocado, starflower and cedar wood oils
efni – INCI : sodium olivate *, sodium cocoate *, aqua, sodium cocoa butterate *, aroma , cera alba ×, mel ×, propolis cera extract ×, linalool o, limonene o.
*from certified organic origin, × from the beekeeper, ♢organic essential oils, o natural component of essential oils.

Organic & handmade – vegan – free of palm oil, plastics or chemical agents such as SLS – not tested on animals

This honey soap is made with pure heather honey, beeswax and propolis straight from ‘Het Honingmagazijn’ beekeepers. Their bee colonies gather the nectar from across the Netherlands’ Veluwe heathland. The beeswax is super pure and the honey and amber smell heavenly. We also take the propolis in raw form, then grind it and macerate it in olive oil.

The beautiful amber heather honey gives the soap its soft foaming properties and gorgeous colour. The sweet honey scent is accompanied by the essential oils of bee-loving plants; sage, lavender and rosemary.


About Werf soap is made with high quality vegetable-based, organic food-grade oils – the same for the essential oils. The company source their ingredients from organic producers around the world who share their values, and they also collect raw materials in the lovely Wickenburgh forest near Utrecht.

All soaps are made by hand in the heart of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Each batch of soap first sits for 24 hours before being cut into 150 bars. After, the soap is left to cure for several weeks in drying cabinets. When the soaps are ready, they are taken by bike to a social workplace were they are packaged by a dreamteam of soap packers in a vaulted cellar facing onto Utrecht’s Oudegracht canal.

The soap do not contain palm oil, animal fats or irritants such as perfume oil, dyes or foam improvers.



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