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stærð: 3x 5ml
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: 100% pure essential oil blends for Aromatherapy

Song of India’s Breathe collection contains three rejuvenating essential oils that clear congestion, promote easy breathing and aid for a restful night’s sleep. The versatile essential oils are produced 100% naturally by steam distillation. They are a must have for any household and are ideal for your everyday aromatherapy needs.

This set contains:
1x 5ml bottle Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia), essential oil.
1x 5ml bottle Peppermint (Mentha Piperita), essential oil.
1x 5ml bottle Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Radiata), essential oil.

Comes in amber coloured glass bottles.



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