Hugleiðslupúði | half moon, hemp grey


stærð: ø 33cm, hæð 17cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: outer cushion cover (*): 100% hemp, with zipper on bottom.
inner cushion cover: 100% organic cotton, with closing chord.
filling: buckwheat chaff of finest quality, no irregularities.


Turn your meditation moment into a daily wellness ritual. The right materials support your concentration and comfort. Train your mind towards loving kindness, compassion and wisdom, without being distracted.

Hemp is an alternative natural fiber that is cultivated with low impact on the environment. It requires no irrigation, uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, and is harvested and processed by hand. It is one of the most durable natural fibers on the planet, and results in a fabric with a wonderful drape, comparable to linen. Cultivation of hemp improves soil health, and farmers can plant food crops in the same field immediately after a hemp harvest without a fallow period. In this way farmers can grow cash crops and food crops on the same land. Hemp is grown organically using all natural ingredients: compost, animal manure and available rainfall.

Adjustable and refillable
The height of the meditation cushion may be adapted to your preference by removing some of the filling.
The buckwheat hulls in the meditation cushion will settle after a while, therefore, to maintain best sitting comfort, it needs to be refilled once in a while.

Organic Content Standard (OCS)
The Organic Content Standard (OCS) applies to any non-food product containing 5-100% organic material. It verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product. It tracks the flow of a raw material from the source to the final product and this process is certified by an accredited third party. It allows for transparent, consistent and comprehensive independent evaluation and verification of organic material content claims on products.

* With each new order there can be a slight difference in colour due to different dye baths.



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