Brauðpoki – set/2


stærð: 30 x 20cm og 40 x 30cm
fáanlegir litir: –
efni: 100% lífrænni bómull

This set of reusable storage bags made of organic cotton. The bag is ideal for transporting read from the supermarket back home, a good alternative to plastic bags.
You can place and store the these bags with contents directly in the refrigerator, unlike plastic, this material is breathable. GOTS certified. 100% biodegradable.

Every day we use more than 1 million plastic bags that often end up in nature after use where they pose a serious threat to animals. In the ocean a plastic ‘island’ floats around the same size as France and Spain combined. That is why there is now an organic cotton bag as an alternative to the plastic bags in the supermarket.

What is GOTS
The cultivation of the cotton, and the dyeing and processing of the fabric is done as environmentally friendly as possible.



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