Borðlampi Vínflaska endurrunnin amber


stærð bottle: ø7,5 x 23cm, cable length: 150cm
fáanlegir litir: amber
efni: gler

Handmade ceiling lamp, made from the top part of a used wine bottle. With the dimmable Philips LED lamp you create every atmosphere in your home.
This lamp is not only a real eye-catcher and good conversation starter, but also represents the transition to a circular economy. Wine bottles are usually thrown away immediately after one use. Rebottled upcycles these bottles 100% by turning them into cool lamps, glasses, candles and drinking bottles. The bottles are manufactured in a sheltered workshop by people at a distance from the labor market.

Every bottle is of course unique. This means that delivered products, in color and shape, may differ slightly from the above product photo.
Comes with a Philips dimmable LED lamp.



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